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Come pick your own blueberries.

Grown using organic practices.

See Picking Condition Page for Picking times and dates.

 It is recommended that you wear closed toe shoes when you visit the farm.

Pet Policy
We love our pets,
We ask that you leave your pets at home.
As a U-Pick Farm food
and pets do not mix.

 Blueberry Garden's is a 5-acre blueberry farm

50 miles north of Atlanta Georgia
just off of Ga. 400   
  We are a U-Pick Blueberry Farm open
Mid- June through July
No Pesticides or Herbicides used.
We are using organic practices to grow the best blueberries possible 

We do except cards for your convenience, but each time we accept and process a card that is a cost the farm has to absorb.

So cash would be our preferred form of payment

We thank everyone that helped with the issues we were having in the past

and ask for your continues help each

time you visit our farm.

  • In the past season's we have had a big problem with kids hitting and breaking bushes, as well as knocking off berries. For every ripe or green berry that hits the ground and is not picked up that is a lost to our profits. If we can't make a profit we can not remain open as a u-pick. There is a lot of work in keeping the blueberry fields trimmed and cut to make picking an enjoyable experience. Ripen berries that fall on the ground are just as good as the ones on the bushes. We do not use any chemicals on the farm.

  • Also another problem we have had are visitors over filling there buckets. When you purchase a gallon of blueberries a gallon is our picking bucket              level to the top (not humped over and                       all the berries you can stacked as high as        possible.)  We work to keep the prices                     for picking reasonable. Think of it like this, you would not go into a grocery store and add more berries to a pint container and expect to get it for the same price marked for a pint. That is what you are doing when you over fill your picking buckets. If every person that came to the farm did that, you can now see how that would cause a profit loss.

  • The next issue is eating the berries in the field.

 Therefore with all that said, we ask that you help us by:

  1. Only eat the amount of berries you would eat if you were in a grocery store.

  2. Parents supervise your children at all time do not allow them to pick green berries,eat as many berries as they want hit bushes, which knocks berries to the ground and breaks bushes. If we notice your child shaking bushes you maybe ask to leave and will not be allowed to return.

  3. Pick up any ripen berries you see on the ground.

  4. Only fill your picking bucket to the top of the bucket. If you over fill your bucket, you will be charged for the additional berries, to our discretion, no exceptions.




U-Pick Blueberry Season

normally starts around Mid-June

If you would like to receive email notifications notifying you when we will be open for blueberry picking in 2024,


add your name and email address

and you will be added to receive notifications

of when we have opened for

blueberry picking

We have

  1. Farm Fresh Egg

  2. Our Own Local Honey 

  3. Blueberry Plants

available for purchase year round. 

Call or text for more information to 770-889-2519

We also have a Concessions Service Available  for your Event.

We Offer Fresh On Site Hand Popped Kettle Corn,
Blueberry Lemonade made with fresh blueberries from the farm, along with fried Pork Rinds, Deep Fried Oreo's
Visit Events Page to
see where we will be
We are available for Festivals, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, Grand Openings, Sporting Events, Weddings, Corporate Events, Baby Showers, etc. 
To add some fun and flavor to your next event give us call or enter info below to receive  more info and pricing

Check out our EVENTS PAGE to see what events we will be at selling our Blueberry Lemonade, Kettle Corn along with lots of other festival goodies 


Ministries We Support

Blueberry Facts & Info


    Freeze blueberries without washing. When washed before freezing, blueberry skins become tough. To freeze, remove stems and trash, package tightly in freezer bags or containers, leaving 1/2 inch headspace. Seal airtight and freeze. Remove from freezer, rinse in cold water and use immediately.
   Use frozen berries directly from the freezer. There's no need to thaw them if you use them in baked products

Storage & Preparation

  • Handle fruit gently to avoid bruising. Bruising shortens the life of fruit and contributes to low quality.

  • Sort carefully and remove berries that are too soft or decayed.

  • Store berries loosely in a shallow container to allow air circulation and to prevent the berries on top from crushing those underneath.

  • Do not wash berries before refrigerating.

  • Store covered containers of berries in a cool, moist area of the refrigerator, such as in the hydrator (vegetable keeper), to help extend the usable life of the fruit. Recommended storage time is one to two weeks.

  • Before eating berries or using in your favorite recipe, wash berries gently in cold water, lift out of water and drain.


Using Blueberries
    Blueberries, fresh, frozen or canned, are a real taste treat. They are nature's convenience food - no peeling, pitting or coring! Simply wash and enjoy them fresh as they are, or use for cereals, salads, muffins, pancakes, tarts and pies or make delicious toppings for ice cream, waffles or cheesecake! Freeze them (without washing) and you will have an excellent product to use later. Can them for pies, cobblers, cakes and muffins or conserve them as tasty syrups, jams or jellies.

  • Breakfast - Toss blueberries into your favorite hot or cold cereal, add blueberries when making pancakes, muffins, breakfast breads and waffles, add blueberries to nonfat yogurt or pile blueberries into a cantaloupe half.

  • Snacking - Eat blueberries out of hand, make a blueberry blender drink with nonfat yogurt, mix blueberries with nonfat cottage cheese, drop frozen blueberries in sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink.

  • Meals - Sprinkle blueberries into fruit or green salads, make a tangy blueberry sauce to serve with poultry, fish and meat.

  • Desserts - Serve a dish of blueberries for dessert or use blueberries as a topping for lowfat ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, fruit or angel food cake. Bake a blueberry cobbler or pie. Make blueberry sauce and use a topping on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, pudding or angel food cake.

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