1. Dig a hole 2' wide and 8" to 12" deep.

  2. Take all grass, leaves and sticks out of hole.

  3. Leave dirt in hole and add 5 gallons or more of pine bark fines( which is ground up pine bark about 1/4" in diameter or smaller, or peat moss.

  4. Till dirt and pine bark fines, or peat moss together.

  5. Now plant blueberry bush, making the plant flush with the ground (top of the root ball) or 1/2" higher.

  6. Water heavy the first time, until water puddles.

  7. Mulch with hardwood chips( shredded up tree limbs) at least 4" thick.

  8. Water 1" a week for the first year. ( which is a 5 gallon bucket full of water.)

Plant Varieties We Have:

  1. Climax

  2. Delite

  3. Premier

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