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Our Services & Products

Fresh Hand Popped Kettle Corn, Popped on Site Custom Colors and Flavors Available: School Colors, Team Colors, Weddings or Birthday Color Theme. Fresh Pork Rinds, Blueberry Lemonade with fresh blueberries from the farm, Deep Fried Oreo's, as well as homemade Jam's and Jellies made with fresh fruit from the farm, as well as hand made baked goods.

Kettle Corn, Boiled Peanut,

Blueberry Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade,

Deep Fried Oreo's,

Pork Rinds, Jam's & Jellies, Baked Goods

Check Events Page to see where we're at with the concessions.

Service Not Available at the Farm

Corporate Events & Fund Raisers

We will come and set up our professional concession stand and pop corn for a contracted amount and/or time.

We will furnish small bags or cups for the corn


Fill out the form

below or you can

Call or email for more info.


Our Chickens are Free Range and spend

Everyday outside on the land

 foraging for their food  

The chickens receive non-gmo supplmental fed also

Our chickens are only 4 months old right now and are

laying half of a normal size egg.

In a few weeks the eggs will be full size

The price is $3.00 a dozen now for pullet eggs

When the chickens start laying full size eggs

in a few weeks the eggs will

 go to $6.00 per dozen

our eggs are hand gathered on a daily basis

and range in color from light to dark brown

We are also a Certified Egg Farmer

The Breeds of Chicken we have are:

  1. Rhode Island Red

  2. Black Astrolapes

  3. Buffed Orbingtons

  4. Barred Rocks

  5. Blue Plymouth Rocks

  6. Aracuna

  7. Cinnamon Queens


We will have egg pickup on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at the blueberry farm at

5475 crow road,

cumming, ga. 30041.

To place an order for eggs, call or text your order to 770-889-2519. You will then receive a text or phone call to confirm your order and pickup date and time.


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